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Listen Up for an Awesome Chick!

Her name is Niccole. I don’t know Niccole that well, but I know enough. I know her a bit because she played basketball with my sister this year. I know she threw a birthday party for her fish–I’m pretty sure no fish has ever had their birthday celebrated by so many people. I know she was always wanting to babysit my niece–which is proof enough to me that she is an excellent person with good judgement. I know every time I saw her around campus she was smiling (and we all know that is an unbelievable feat). I know she graduated from my school in May, and I know that ten days after she graduated she got diagnosed with lymphoma.

I know, and we all know, that sucks. I mean it really, really isn’t cool.

Of course there are so many people around the world fighting cancer. So many that we wish we could do something for, but we can’t–we can’t help every cancer patient out there. But the great thing is that today, we have the chance to help Niccole.

Please share and donate if you can! She deserves all the love and support we can give her!


Help Niccole Clarke Kick Cancer!